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Cars For Homes

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Car donations can help a family within your local community build a house and the hope of a better life!

By donating a car (model year 2000 or greater) to Habitat’s Cars for Homesâ„¢ car donation program, you help HFH of Mariposa County build houses in partnership with families in need of decent, affordable shelter.

It is quick and easy to donate vehicles–running or not!  Plus, when you donate your vehicle, your donation may be eligible for tax deduction purposes if you itemize.  (Consult the IRS or your tax adviser for details.)

Donate a vehicle to Cars for Homes™ — Habitat’s official car donation program NOW. Call our office at 209 966-7444 for help in processing your car.  You may also call HFH International toll free number 877 277-HFHI (4344) to donate a vehicle. Make sure you specify that the donation is being made to Habitat for Humanity of Mariposa County. You may click the green bar below to process your donation online.

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